The Acropolis

A couple weeks ago I was in Athens, Greece attending a friends wedding. After the wedding festivities I managed to fit in some tourist activity. To say it was wonderful would be putting it mildly, the views were captivating. So much history in one place, I always knew one day the Greek mythology I had no option to study in school would have its usefulness. Here I am right at the top of the Acropolis basking in the sunlight.

The following image was taken looking down into the Theatre of Dionysus, to think centuries ago this location hosted many plays.

Probably the focal point of the Acropolis is the Parthenon, a temple dedicated to the Greek goddess Athena (god of wisdom, craft and war) whom after Athens is named. Situated right at the top of the Acropolis accessible only by walking up marble and rocky stairs.

Unfortunately I did not have enough time to visit all the places of interest however I’ll be sure to visit as many monuments when next I return to Athens. Hopefully get some island hopping in there too.

Tinu xoxo


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